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Mogly's News

Posted by Mogly - October 17th, 2010

Heeelo people. Ive got a new blog on t'internet. It's for all things university related, and the general too-and-throw of life. Check it out to see what i'm up to.

-- ME BLOG --

I've not posted nout on NG in a long while, but shortly/soonly/whenever really, will be! All stuff that's to short and crap goes on my blog though, and finished stuff will go here..

Keep tuned NG, ta-ra

Posted by Mogly - July 5th, 2010

Kangaroo down, sport, tie me kangaroo down!

Posted by Mogly - January 12th, 2010

Heelo long time no post. I've not been very active on NG for a while, but i am doing an animation course at uni so expect some top works in the future.

Anywho, I just thought i'd briefly comment on how I like how my Che animation has spurned a discussion in the comments section. There seems to be several conflicting responses to it, some calling him a murderer, others calling him a revolutionary leader, others calling him a hero regardless.

For me, I dont know. That's what I like here, I don't know about Che - I know about the icon of him, I see it plastered places, but I dont know about him. So it's very interesting to read the comments.

What I like is that people are discussing it and that for me is what i'd like to do with my work. Make things that people are able to discuss - NOT in a sense of disgust or outrage particuarly - for example by making obscene things. But just to harken back to imagery and concepts and what not and having people think about them.

For example, if this were on display in a gallery and people were stood around in the room, thinking and saying the same things they are in the comments section - what a great thing that would be. Atleast better than people stood around, confused, bored; feeling the work is above there heads - where in reality - it may just be below them, dumb and pointless.

ANYWHO - glad the majority liked it. And im glad the majority understood my point, and im glad people found their own points of interest. Cya.

Posted by Mogly - July 21st, 2009

Hello people. I am home now. It was a great 3 months away, I would say time of my life, but I'll save that acolade for my death bed. I've now dived the barrier reef, got all gooned up, flew my own plane, canoed the everglades, skydived, bin to fraser island in a 4x4.. stood next to the opera house, roamed with kangaroos.. You get the idea :)

I notice NG has changed a bit since I was gone, the art portal, cool addition. I dont kow what to make of the changable layout so far, it's real cool but I feel a little cock-handed using it.. maybe i just need to get used to it. But man it's all looking cool and it's time to fly. I picked up on a game me and Kayn were talking about before I left this morning and started on a run cycle. I'll keep this page updated with information because it should be awesome if we finish it... no, WHEN we finish it. No more If's.

===Here's me fighitng a kangaroo===


Posted by Mogly - April 16th, 2009

Dear Newgrounds,
I have gone to Australia for three months, I'll see you later.
Goodbye England.
- Tom.

Off to Australia

Posted by Mogly - April 8th, 2009

Soon enough, there'll come a point in time, when the hurd of glory supporters shouting Man united will find themselves in a peculiar position....

If these blokes stay with Man City, the arabs; then there will come a point in time that they become the best team around and take their neighbors crown. Will the glory supporters follow? All those fools with regional accents (other than Mancunian) will slyly hide their united shirts at the back of the cupboard and go out and get themselves a City shirt.

How will they feel when all the fat blokes from Devon who've sung 'glory glory man united' since they were kids, now their kids are coming home supporting City. Great isnt it?

I reckon in 5 years time this'll have happened, City will be the big dogs. Im a villa fan, but will back the underdog in this case.. until the underdog is the overdog... then I guess ill just pity United and boo city.

Soon enough....

Posted by Mogly - March 10th, 2009

It's bin a while since my last guitar post, but heres an update - if only for myself (and rock-god historians of the future).

I've been playing alot, I have 5 days free a week to do completely what I like. So I am playing most days. I've honed in on learning travis picking style - this is my aim. To be like Merle Travis. I'll probably swap the good willed showmanship for a poetic Facade though I reckon.

I met a straggler the other night who ofted some advice on me. He said, the best guitarist he ever saw, was his brother. And his brother, the best guitarist he ever saw, ofted some information on him. If he ever could start it all over again, er, guitar, not life - he'd learn to finger pick from the start. This was music to my ears because this is exactly what i'd set out to do and was my new found plan as of earlier that week.

So anywho, here's a few of the new things i've learnt. I've been writing alot too. Just checking back to my last guitar post, i've actually improved alot. That's cool to see.

- Coffee & TV by Blur
- It's only rock & roll (But I like it) by the Stones
- Blowin in the wind by Bob Dylan
- Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks
- Pipedown by Babyshambles
- Oxygen by Willy Mason
- Wrong way by Sublime
- Up the Bracket by the Libertines
- Time for Heroes by The Libertines
- Fell in Love with a Girl by The White Stripes
- Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks
- Tangled up in Blue by Bob Dylan
- Feelin' Groovyby Simon & Garfunkel
- Positively 4th Street by Bob Dylan
- I'm so Free by Lou Reed
- The Importance of Being Idle by Oasis

Im at the stage now, where it's not so much a case of having to learn the likes of 'Wrong way' by Sublime, or 'Up the bracket' by the Libertines, its just a case of looking at the chords - memorizing them, and picking up the strumming pattern. It's cool.

I've been lookin at alot of Dylan songs and jamming them out and singing along. He's a cool guy to look at when you're learning - especially for his chord use. D, G, A.... G, A, D ... simple.

Travis picking is good because I can then take one of these simple to learn songs and give it a breath of (er, well, american west) freshness. Infact one of my reasons for learning Travis Picking is because i'd like to be able to play 'Don't think Twice' by Dylan.

I just learnt this a minute ago after watching Badlands tonight. Great film by the way. Martin Sheen is great.

/* */
My plan right now, for myself - is to get off travelling in Australia. I think I will begin in Adelaide and possibly work up towards Sydney. If anybody has any advice or info about Aus, or travelling that you think i'd like to know please PM me, ta.

While my guitar Lofty steeps

Posted by Mogly - January 29th, 2009

Hello people. If you are looking for good flashes, check out my favorites list. I try and monitor the list and i'd say it's pretty tight. It's packed with great submissions - some unknown, some known (and inbetween are the doors).

Here is one that I found yesterday, thanks to the Newgrounds Awards.

Easy way out

I think this is an absolutley brilliant animation, not just for Newgrounds but in general. I've been listening to Dylan alot recently and had somewhat disowned his new music as (ignorantly) presuming it would dour down the rest. I've been listening to Dylan from around 1965.

But this animation is fantastic. It gives the song such a sinister character & doing so proppeled modern Dylan for me. Check it out I think it's great.



Posted by Mogly - January 28th, 2009

Working on my long prolonged-for not much-long-er, soldier game.

Here's a fancy image which formed when I layed all the sprites out in the same place.

It's coming along well. Today I decided to drink energy drinks & draw to help give myself & the game a boost. CaiWengi is actionscripting it.

Ooh, fancy

Posted by Mogly - January 20th, 2009

Heello. I just watched my first flash back for the first time in a while, ha ha, how brilliant is that? I'm gunna have to make-do on the end quote and release the anticipation of people 'looking out' for part two.


I love how cheesy it is. It was made half as a joke, half sincere 14 year old brain by the way. After watching xin and thinking it was so shoddy, I had a go and made that.


But yeah, I remember how excited I was when it actually made it on. Me and my mate where sat at the computer and it finally made it through judgement and I was giddy with joy.

But probably not.